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I am really surprised her dr hasn't noticed this yet. Every year the kids have to bend over so the dr can check their spine.


I have a slight scoliosis that causes pain when I work too hard or am pregnant. I never did anything for it.


I have a friend whi's dd had to have a rod put into her spine to keep her from becoming crippled. Her case was extreme. I have another friend whose husband had to have the rod put in because he was in extreme pain all the time.


With your dd, the doctors will track it and make sure that there are no significant changes as she grows. Has she had pain?


Dd12 has one hip that sticks out further than the other and a straight spine. Iwas concerned about the hip but drs arent.

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I strongly encourage you to take her to a chiropractor. I have scoliosis and the chiro really helped to the point that my curvature was corrected. Since I know someone that had painful surgery and a rod inserted to correct scoliosis, I asked my chiro about it and he said that the dr will simply take xrays every so often until it gets so bad that they do surgery. That sounds crazy to me.

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Hi Ellen--


Definitely get her evaluated. Here is a long post I wrote about it:




Some other points I will add:


--One friend had a fabulous experience with aggressive chiropractic care for her 12yo son's scoliosis. I too have had a significant decrease in pain with chiro care, though as my linked post explains, I have felt that physical therapy played the larger role in my journey.


--This same friend felt that hanging really helped her son as well. He literally hung every day by his hands--somehow the stretching and strengthening helped his spine a great deal. It's something to investigate.


--One pt tried traction with me, and this made my hand numbness way, way worse. This was the type of traction where the patient is strapped to a machine with rollers that roll along the spine while a head thingey pulls the patient's head up. The damage this caused was extremely frightening, and I will never submit to that particular therapy again.

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If you do take her to a chiropractor, whicj I would try before any aggressive, invasive treatment, please do your research. I tried one once and my back pain was made far, far worse. I know people swear by them, and I have several friends who have had great success with them. I am just scared to try one again after the quack I saw made me suffer such pain. Try to find out who is good and recommended in your area.

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I have some scoliosis in my lower back. When I am having a bad day, I am bent over to one side--can't get myself to stand up straight. I've tried chiropractic (helped a bit) and physical therapy (helped a bit), but I was never 100% better (not really even very close).


What has helped enormously is getting myself back into proper alignment--feet pointed straight ahead, neutral pelvis, hips over knees over heels, ribs down, femurs rotated out by deep hip rotators (this one has been key for me). Check out Katy Bowman's biomechanics blog here: http://www.alignedandwell.com/?p=4096&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=223


I also bought her pelvic floor class and it has helped me a lot with my hips and low back--more than anything else, I think. Also, she has a book about foot flexibility, and surprisingly, the feet have a lot to do with the hips, so if your feet are not working the way they should, your pelvis and hips can't either. I didn't realize that my feet would be a factor because I don't have any foot pain or problems.

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