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Movie recs for DH and I?

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I have the feeling I've asked this before, but I can't find it in a search. I've been on cautious/partial bed rest and will continue on bed rest for the next 4 weeks, at least. I'm sitting/reclining most of the time. DH has been so great, but seems to go non-stop with his added home duties. I would love to watch a movie with him and let him relax, but we are very picky, very. We've changed since our younger years and are now very careful about movies with any nudity, sex scenes, scantily clad women, etc., etc... We just don't tolerate it. It limits our choices greatly. We've watched the Kendrick Brothers movies a lot and while we love them, we want something new. :) We also love all different kinds of movies, they just have to be clean. Any recs from other conservative, picky movie watchers?

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Have you seen Soul Surfer?


A friend told me she was disappointed at the immodesty displayed in it, especially since it is about a Christian girl. I haven't looked at anything about it because it wasn't a movie that I had looked into, just going on her review. I didn't even ask her what level of immodesty she was talking about. Bikinis on either the surfer or the other people on the beach or just regular swimsuits? This particular friend is very picky about swimsuits. I should have asked to confirm what range she was using. What do you think?

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We have similar restrictions on movies. One we have on our DVR to watch is Source Code. I've seen it, it has explosions and a some violence, but nothing controversial in it as far as sexuality - no nudity, no sex scenes, not even any sensuality or innuendo as far as I remember. A little kissing, but that's it.


Hopefully DH likes it :)

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