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At last!

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Calvin has been waiting all his life for this moment. His writing ability has caught up with his voracious reading and this is his summer (six week) reading list:


1) East of Eden: John Steinbeck: Penguin Modern Classics: ISBN- 978-1846687358

2) Paradise Lost: books 1&2: John Milton: Oxford Student Classics: 978-1846687358

3) The Book of Disquiet: Fernando Pessoa: Serpent’s Tail Classics: 978-1846687358




1) The Ode Less Travelled: Stephen Fry

2) 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem: Ruth Padel

3) The Art of Fiction: David Lodge

4) Eats Shoots and Leaves: Lynne Truss

5) English A Literature (IB Diploma Programme): Hannah Tyson, Mark Beverly: Oxford University Press.


It's definitely not a stretch for him - he enjoyed a university lecture on Paradise Lost that I took him to this year - but there's some good meaty stuff. He's read some of it before - I remember lying on my bed with him as we giggled together at the Lynne Truss when he was seven - but there's enough that is new to fire his enthusiasm.



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super duper! congratulations. i am curious, did he like lord of the rings?


It was one of those things that he liked, but only briefly. I think he re-read it recently (because Hobbes was reading it) but it never became a large part of his life.


Other things - for example Terry Pratchett - have had a longer life. I think it's the humour and wordplay that he enjoys.



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