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Rosetta Stone question.

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My daughter has had 2 years of Spanish (8th and 9th). She skipped a year in 10th to focus on other subjects. Id like her to have another year of Spanish before she graduates. What level of RS would we start with? And does RS teach grammar or simple conversational Spanish? Thanks!

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hmm.... given she's has 2 years... I'd just stick with the materials you have and not change at this point. (and I like RS)


My dd did well with how RS does immersion grammar in level 1 and 2. Because she has a good understanding of grammar in English, she was making the connections on the grammar flashcards. we've done level 1 and 2. I was looking for high school in high school. so it worked for us.


stick with the level 3 of the program you have. and if I recall, you have tell me more on hand already.... you could use that for extra lab.



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FWIW, using Rosetta Stone for Spanish is one of my regrets. My oldest used it for 4 years and had high 90+ percents according to their grading, but couldn't test out of one semester of college beginning Spanish with a placement test.


Middle son had been using it, but we quit after that experience with oldest. He feels he's learned more from basic "learn Spanish" books we've been getting from our local library. He'd check one out, keep it/use it for 6 weeks, then pick another, etc.


I don't believe we can legally resell ours, but I definitely regret spending the money on it. If it's useable on another computer, I'd be tempted to resell it despite the legality of it all due to the huge cost for little benefit. I don't think it's usable on another computer though. When we've had computers crash we've had to call to be able to activate it again...

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If she's already had 2 yrs of Spanish, I wouldn't use RS. The "levels" in RS are not equivalent to HS grades or college semesters. RS states that each level should take 40-50 hrs, or 200-250 hrs total for levels 1-5; at best that is equivalent to 2 yrs of HS Spanish.


For comparison, successful completion of all 5 levels of Fluenz, which is supposedly stronger in grammar than RS and which takes a similar amount of time (45-60 hrs/level), should allow a good student to test out of Spanish II. My DH has the FLuenz Spanish program, and if either of my kids choose to use it, I will give 2 yrs HS credit for completing all 5 levels. We also have several Spanish reading programs, though, and would supplement with those and with additional vocabulary (FLuenz is strong on grammar but weak on vocab).


If you're set on RS, perhaps she could do levels 4 & 5, supplemented with live conversation (either a local tutor or one of the skype services), and call it Conversational Spanish? Homeschool Spanish Academy was recommended by someone here, and they have a Spanish 3 class.



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