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So very, very tired

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I am 32 weeks pregnant. Is this normal? This is number 5 pregnancy and I don't remember feeling like this with the others. I absolutely must nap at lunch time every day or I can't make it through the rest of the afternoon, I just stop.


Is there anything I can do other than wait for the baby? My diet is pretty good I think. Not much caffeine, not much sugar, nothing processed. I am in bed at night for about 8 hours - I can't stay in bed any longer because my hips start to hurt too much. I take pregnancy vitamins and extra vitmain D.

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Have some labs done. When I was this way, it was because I was anemic.

:iagree: I was borderline anemic with Chuck and was taking 3 naps a day. Some Floradix helped that. It tastes like pure concentrated evil, but it was better than the iron tabs I took with Digby.

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When I was pregnant with my fourth I was so tired when I was around seven months along. the doctor told me that my iron levels were a little on the low side but in range. I asked her if I could go ahead and take some iron anyway and she said that was fine. Within a week I was feeling so much better.

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you know your body. if you are asking if this is normal, then its likely worth having looked at. having gestational diabetes can make you lethargic. do you exercise at all? if not, starting walking can help, too.


flip side, is that somewhere after 30 weeks is when i stopped sleeping well at night, so i was tired, but it was more because i wasn't really getting rested....


:grouphug: i'd ask for some blood work, make sure i was getting enough sunlight and exercise and protein..... and then at least you won't worry.



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