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Would a tick bite bleed if you flick the tick off while it's embedding itself?

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I flicked a bug off dd's arm and it bled, almost like a black fly bite. But it didn't have wings. I didn't look closely to see if it was a tick but I'm so worried that it was one that was embedding itself!


Would a tick bite bleed like that if it was embedding when I flicked it off? If there's any chance, I want to get her on an antibx immediately.


Please help-we've already been through horror stories with Lyme here in the past few yrs.


I don't know why I flicked it like that-I just panicked and wanted it off. I could see it wasn't embedded (no head in there, I don't think??) but was kind of attached like it was doing something to her, biting or whatever.


We were outside at the time so it couldn't have been on her a long time, and it wasn't engorged. AGH-I wish I had looked at it more closely! My first impression on looking at it was that it didn't look like a tick, but I'm no expert (our Lyme before came when we didn't know we were bitten.)

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A tick that was not attached could still have blood in it from a previous feed this is where tick born disease orginate from other mammals the tick has fed on. I don't know about Lyme's disease but Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever could be contracted from having that blood on your skin. Keep your head up for other symptoms and don't get worried until you or your dd has symptoms.

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