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Ashworth College/James Madison High School online

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As a speedskating family, I can tell you that they're a sponsor of US Speedskating, and a lot of our national team members are either enrolled in Ashworth or James Madison.


I looked into it for my rising 9th grader, based on a couple of recommendations from other parents in the speedskating community. They've been happy with it.


We decided to go the charter school route instead, because I think my dd needs more accountability. From what I've been told, James Madison's program is more self-study, like other correspondence programs. My dd needs someone to give her due dates and deadlines.


Anyway, hope that helps!

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You should look on google. There is a ton of stuff about James Madison High School.


The "college" they are affiliated with is an online college.


Agreed. However, the high school is regionally accredited, just so you know.


Also, some of the online reviews are from people who are confusing them with a different high school program that's a known diploma mill.


They're basically a "git er done" option that I'd put in the same category as American School.

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Guest AshworthCollege

Thanks for looking in to the James Madison High School program! I can tell you that our school is regionally accredited by SACS. This means your diploma will be legitimate and will be looked at the same as any diploma from a brick-and-mortar school when you choose to find a job or enroll in college.


Ashworth College, the college James Madison is affiliated with, is also accredited and as for the cost, online colleges and high schools are able to keep costs down because they don't have the athletic team or grounds maintenance costs that are included in many brick-and-mortar tuition payments.


As @sailmom pointed out, it is predominately an independent study. Our students work when and where they are most comfortable and if they do need help, we have tutors that are more than willing to work with them.


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Guest AshworthCollege

Yes, courses at Ashworth College are done online only. What information were you looking for on the site that you couldn't find. Perhaps I can help you out.

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