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Good quality trampoline?

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Please help me find a good quality trampoline. Dh wants to get a trampoline and I'm going crosseyed looking online trying to figure out which ones are decent quality. I'm looking for a 12 to 14 foot round sized with enclosure that will last as long as possible in the sun. I don't want el cheapo and I don't want to spend over 1,000 either.


What brands do you have experience with that last and which ones are junk that I should avoid?

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I don't know what brand it is, but we got the one Walmart had last summer it was bout $275 for the 14' trampoline with enclosure. It's held up great and still looks new except for the foam pieces you put on the vertical poles around the enclosure. I'm sure I could find new foam pieces if I wanted to.

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We used to have a Jumpsport. Very safe, one of the better safety enclosurers. We researched extensively. The ones from Walmart, Kmart, were rated very poorly in regards to how well the enclosures would work against children jumping into them. Wish I could remember some of the places I had researched, but it wasn't the manufacturers own site.

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