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Steam mops?

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I have had several Sharks, and I will not buy another one! They break very easily (the one I have now broke after 4 uses and now I have to send it back, but pay $20 to get it shipped back to me!). My mom actually bought one at Aldi's and loves it, but it is not something they have all the time.

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I have a shark which I like. That being said there are some steam mops that don't kill the germs unless you hold them on every spot for 15 seconds so be careful when choosing so you don't end up thinking that you are killing all the germs when in fact you aren't. Good Luck

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Welcome to the Enviro Steamer Club!! lol. **I know I must be bored...lol.**


Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.




I just ordered the Enviro Steamer. It was only $54 on Amazon. I swung into Sam's and the Shark was over $100.
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Are there any steam mops that can be used on laminate flooring (like Pergo or the type of laminate you buy from Ikea)?




I use my steam mop on my laminate. I keep moving and don't spend enough time in any area for them to get saturated. The water is hot enough to evaporate very quickly. I know they're not recommended for laminate, but I've never had a problem. I adore my steam mop! I have the Eureka EnviroSteamer now, but I preferred my Bissell Green Tea. It died after several years of hard use, though.

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