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I need an awesome geography curriculum...

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But after a LOT of searching I don't think I am going to find it. Please tell me I'm wrong!


I will be teaching US geography to a small group of 3rd-6th graders, one afternoon a week. I want to cover more than just state capitals, birds and flowers! Although those are fun and necessary, of course. I want to teach physical and cultural geography, as well as map skills. I want it to be meaty. I want it all to be in one curriculum!




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I also agree with the Beautiful Feet Geography. Another idea is A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp. Both are excellent!


Oh and I forgot to mention that A Child's Geography also has another edition about the holy lands too. We haven't used that one...but it is a little more specific area.

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Good Geography is hard, very very very hard.


For your immediate situation I suggest getting ahold of Geography of the United States by Instruction Fair. It does an excellent job of introducing the 5 Themes of Geography.


The 5 Themes were replaced by the 18 Standards and now are narrowing back down to 6 Essential Elements. In my opinion the 5 Themes are the ones the student can best grab ahold of and apply. It was a huge mistake not to revert back to the 5 themes, when the more complicated 18 failed. Pride and money were involved I think.


I have resorted to using pages here and there from the vintage textbooks all the time. They knew how to teach geography back then. The books are out of date and racist, but the methods and types of information and organization are so far ahead of what we have now, it's startling.


I use a lot of Draw Write Now for Geography, especially the maps and biomes.


Rod and Staff 4, believe it or not makes a great read aloud. All you need is the student text.


I don't have time right now to write lots about my geography obsession which is only second to my phonics and handwriting obsessions, but if this thread runs for awhile I'll post more. I just wanted to quickly post that link. My copy just came in today and I was reading it the whole way home on the train because I was so excited about it. Now I'm motion sick :-( I have to be excited to let myself become motion sick.

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I have not tried this one although I plan on using it this year with my boys. Cantering the Country(U.S. geography) they also have Galloping the Globe. I have heard good things about both of them. You can find it on Amazon or on this website under specials with all the books you would need for it http://www.home-school-curriculum.com/learning_series/ Good Luck in your search.

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