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Adventure/War movies for young teens

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My son (almost 15) asked for approval to watch Black Hawk Down (rated R) tonight. He and an x-box live friend want to watch it "together" via their headsets and netflix.


Well, my husband and I looked a the advisory on imdb.com and decided this movie is a little over the top in violence for us. I think my son has watched one R-rated movie in his life, The Matrix, which according to my husband contains "cartoon violence" and not the graphic scenes Black Hawk Down seems to have.


So, I'd like to find an alternative to offer. Any ideas? They want something exciting, though an adventure/comedy would be good too. PG-13 movies are generally fine as long as the s*xual content is low.


Any ideas? Please go ahead and send any suggestions and I'll take care of checking netflix. Some movies they have liked are the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible series, Independence Day, Men in Black...


I was thinking about Top Gun but my husband remembers more s*x than is indicated on imdb. So, any comments on that would be helpful, though I know that is completely subjective. Of course, it might also be too dated in terms of special effects!



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