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s/o audiobooks....looking for educational ones

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my dd is also an audio book adict. I pick all of her audio books, so she listens to a lot of classics....and a few other ones...but I would love to throw in some good educational ones too. can you guys please recommend some for me. I wouldn't mind having some that the boys would like too. There ages are: dd 12, ds 10 and ds 8. Thanks.

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Just be aware that Diana Waring's CDs are very Christian and not totally accurate.


Twice now (and I have only listened to 10 minutes of them) she has made comments like, "And then those fossils that they claimed were millions of years old were tested and the scientists were like 'oops!' as they realized they were wrong."


I don't want my children thinking that archeologists and scientists are all new earth creationists now and have gone "oops!" when they have tested things. They have NOT, which is why evolution is still taught in schools. My children will sound like idiots if they go around saying that the scientists know they are wrong because they all said "oops."


I couldn't get past that nor could my Aspie get past her voice. It is quite high pitched and excited and she talks very fast and he puts his hands over his ears quickly when he hears it.


Personally, I would choose SWB's Story of the World CDs over Diana Waring.

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I think all the Jim Weiss are educational, but certainly the nonfiction ones are a great information download.


My sons have learned a lot of mythology from the Rick Riordan books, Atticus the Storyteller books, and others all on audio.


I like Diana Waring okay, but my kids aren't fans of her delivery. And the kind of errors described above are pretty awful.


We really enjoyed The Magic of Reality but some folks are bothered by his view of religion.

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