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Adler's 6 Big Ideas and book and essay suggestions...

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I've been thinking about how to add more discussions about ideas to our readings...


I recently read that Adler has a book for the 6 big ideas and these ideas are as follows: truth, beauty, goodness, justice, liberty and equality. I was wondering if there was a list or curriculum that includes book titles and essay titles which would illustrate these ideas. For example, is there are ideal or quality list of books or essays (or primary sources) which illustrate justice...or truth... or any of the ideas which would flow under those topics? Does that make sense? I could probably make a small list of my own, but I would most likely miss somethings. I tend to miss them and then later regret that I didn't know or remember them.:lol:


Any suggestions for any of these 6 big ideas? I could compile the list and share later, if anyone would like it.


I don't have Adler's book...would his book contain some suggestions?




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When my daughter was in a classical school a few years ago in seventh and ninth grades, the students were required to note any of the great ideas in the margins of any book they were reading. I don't know where the school got the list of great ideas, but perhaps Adler's book could provide a source for such a list and also explanations. I guess it could serve as a source of themes around which you could help a student to organize a work of literature or non-fiction essay.

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Have you seen this: The Great Ideas Program


That's from his work with the 102 Great Ideas list, not the later Six Great Ideas, but it does have some works on those, too.


We have chosen to read chronologically, instead of by topic, so I don't keep lists by topic. You can't avoid discussing the Great Ideas when you do a Great Books study, though! :D

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Thanks ladies!


Very interesting to read about the notebook...this is along the lines of what I was wanting to do...


Thanks Angela for the link. I do plan on following a mostly (:001_smile: with some diversions, lol) chronological plan for reading most of the great books.


I guess, I was trying to have some sort of overall category (with much overlapping of them, I know) for some books and essays so that I could go into it knowing some of the big themes for them. Also, I've noticed that some of the less-mentioned essays and books are the ones I tend to miss.


I did find on thegreatideas site recommended readings for man and his world, love and friendship, economic institutions, theology and metaphysics, moral problems, politics: man and the state, philosophy, science and religion, social problems, liberal education and the great books and art and beauty so I think this is going to help me a lot. The Portable Readers are good about arranging their essays into categories too. I think with all of this I should be able to come up with a list that helps me a little.



Here is the link to the above mentioned lists:



This is under Adler On and then under recommended readings

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There's some chatter about Adler's Ideas in this conference recording by Circe. I went chasing a rabbit trail on the Great Ideas & what a Great Ideas notebook is..and google brought me here as a top return..lol


Anyway, I'm out hunting this as well.


The circe title is the one called "the marriage of adler/chall" it's just short of an hour long. http://www.societyforclassicallearning.org/index.php/resources/media/15-2011-conference-recordings

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