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Worth it? Critical thinking co. For test prep....other options (xpost)

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My son will be entering 1st grade next year. I would really like for him to be apart of Target (the gifted program) at our local public school. His kindergarten teacher ( at his classical Christian school) said she would suggest that he be part of any advanced programs in 1 st grade. He is smart but I really do not think he would be considered gifted.


I am considering getting the Cogat bundle from Critical Thinking Co. to prepare him for the test in September. Here are the contents with space if anyone wants to add less expensive options (prufrock etc):


The critical thinking co. = Less expensive alternative


-Mind Benders® Book 2....

-Can You Find Me? K-1......

-Building Thinking Skills® Primary"..........

-Mathematical Reasoning™ Level B"..........

-Math Analogies Beginning..................

-Thinking Skills for Tests Workbook.....

-Thinking Skills for Tests Guide............


Any experience with these books? Are they worth the time? Would the Developing the Early Learner books be beneficial? I figure it is worth a try. If he does not get accepted to Target, he will at least get some good practice with critical thinking. I know that moms have strong feeling about prep for tests like this....please don't throw any rocks. :leaving:


Any equivalent books that can be recommended with prufrock? Would the Developing the Early Learner books work for any of this?

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