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Funny things people say to me at work

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I am compiling a list of things people say to me that either make me laugh or have made me so crazy that at this point, I have to laugh:


Do you have a few minutes? I have a powerpoint you need to see.

When is your weekly staff meeting? I'd like to give a presentation to your sales team.

Can we come by and drop off some donuts and meet your team?

Are you ready to increase your business?

You can't have enough leads, I can show you how to gain customer base. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Have you seen my brochure?

Can I put a cardboard display on your receptionist's desk?

Have you reached your potential? Have you thought about branching out into ________________ (insert multi level marketing company) because it works great with real estate!


That's just the beginning and that only covers yesterday. Thanks for listening.

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