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Which audios should I buy?

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DS will be in a 1/2 day academic camp every day next week. The camp is at a college 30 minutes away. In past years, I have stayed on campus and spent that time on my own education.


I am looking for education-related audios I can download and listen to...


I own/have listened to most of SWB's audios. There is a new (to me) one listed that I do plan to buy.


I was looking over the Circe and IEW website, as I love listening to both Andrews. But I am blown away by the number of audios they offer!

(I do own/love "Teaching boys who would rather build forts...")

I am open to any and all suggestions! Either from their websites or from other educational sites.


DS is ten, early logic stage. He is very interested in science and literature.



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Does your library carry Teaching Company or Modern Scholars?


We've really enjoyed Rome and the Barbarians, Ancient Greek Civilization and a few other ancients from TC and the one on The Crusades from Modern Scholars.


The Undercover Economist was great.


Tales from English History by Robert Lacey has a wonderful audio version.


These would all be in the vein of helping you master a subject that you would cover later on.

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