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Any SLPs / early interventionists around?

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We're fostering a new little guy who has cognitive and speech delays. He's aged out of the 0-3 services and won't start services until he starts Head start in the fall. Do you have any suggestions for what we can work on? He's in the 1st %ile for both expressive and receptive speech. I don't have much more info than that. He usually uses just one word, but will occasionally produce a 2 or 3 word phrase.

I asked the current IFSP coordinator for info and got some disappointing generic brochures that give kind of obvious suggestions. I guess I'm more interested in reading up on the literature -- I have a good theoretical background in linguistics (particularly phonetics/phonology and language acquisition) and also in educational assessment and statistics and things like that. I just don't know much about the practice of speech therapy. Do you have any suggestions for a book that would be useful? Maybe a textbook or manual used by SLPs? Thanks!

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You may want to x-post over on the special needs board. There are so many products out there. It has been a long time since I looked at or considered using so I can't give any input, but I do remember being honest with my son when I couldn't understand him. I wasn't at first and he knew it.


Good luck, I hope you get some answers.

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