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CK-12 Amazing!

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I just finished a one hour webinar with the folks at CK-12. They were very helpful, personable and VERY excited about thier services. They are open to suggestions and want as much input as we (the users) can give. The CK-12 folks are in the process of switching to a new, much better site, thank goodness.


Originally I had planned on using their Honors Biology as is for 9th grade, but I am now considering creating my own integrated science book (or books). I will be able to pick and choose chapters from all the science disciplines and spread them out over the next few years.


I might even create integrated math books. Right now we are using Singapore's DM, which is integrated Algebra and Geometry, but its getting pricey. I could possibly follow the DM sequencing and create an interactive (videos, links, exercises) Ck-12 book.


I haven't even start all of this yet, but I am excited by the possibilities!



I have lurked here for many years - only posting a few times. Since both the idea of integrated science and the Ck-12 information came from you guys, I thought I would share!





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I've decided to go ahead with using it for Biology and Algebra. I think. LOL

You know how things can change before the summer is over. My daughter looked at it and thought it was okay. She prefers a textbook, but I just can't settle on one for either subject.


I was going to go with Apologia, but we believe in evolution. And for Algebra, we have Saxon, but it's the older version that is so disorganized, and she is not a mathy kid at all.


I can't find any good alternatives to those and free is good.

I checked out Complete Curriculum, but their biology and algebra seem so easy. Almost grade levels behind.

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