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Robot Vacuum

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Hello.. My children are ages 3 and 5, and we have 2 cats and 2 dogs! I have always been a bit of a neat freak.. and that right now is the only downside to teaching at home.. I have been slowly learning to let things slide, as long as the kids are happy! I am wondering if any of you have experience with robot vacuums(like the Roomba or Neato). Right now, I have vacuuming scheduled for 2 days a week(which usually once is all that happens, ugh) and I feel it would be a great help to have one of these things! We have carpet, tile, slate, rugs etc. I am leaning toward a Neato(specifically for pet hair, etc) on Amazon... but am wary. I know I would breath a little easier if I had clean floors the majority of the time.. and had those extra hours it takes me to do it the regular way! Thanks for your advice!

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they do bare floors great - but not corners and they can get stuck under furniture. my battery died, and the replacement would barely charge. it ended up being a boondogle and not worth it to me to replace it.

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We had the roomba and loved it. My oldest (with autism) was going through a particularly difficult time where she dumped her plate on the floor when she finished eating. Even worse, she would pick through a bag of potato chips, eat the ones she wanted and throw the rest on the floor. We had carpeting at the time.


We sent the roomba through once or twice a day. It would break up the chips and vacuum them up. (Disclaimer - typically, I wouldn't suggest breaking up chips over carpet, but I was exhausted at the time). Ours worked great for over a year before it began having problems (breaking brushes, etc). If you buy a roomba, buy up extra parts when you do. We ended up getting rid of ours when we moved. Of course, we then moved again to a place with carpets.


I'm probably buying another roomba soon, simply for convenience. I loved ours. If you have lots of pets, you will probably have to clean the brushes weekly, but that's not hard. I sat down and took the bottom of it off, cleaned everything and put it back together. I think you'd enjoy it for carpets. I can't speak as to other floor surfaces.

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