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Please Share Your Favorite Trifle Recipes

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All because of this article yesterday, I feel ever so nostalgic and long for my British upbringing and trifles galore :D. Love a good trifle.




Had a dear friend who used to make the absolute best trifles ever. If you have a great trifle recipe, please share. I hope to start making them very soon.


Here's one I found on pinterest.




And here's another one. I love tiramisu.



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not the one Rachel made on friends:D


Lady fingers or angel food cake sliced on the bottom. Pour some sherry or madeira over that.


I think traditionally it is strawberry jelly (jello) next. I like Raspberry with Mandarin orange slices mixed in. Let set.


Next layer is a thick custard. Let set.


Then homemade whipped cream, not too sweet. Sometimes I mix a small amount of the sherry or madeira in (just a hint)


Then I like to put fresh raspberries on top.


Off the top of my head, that is what I do (I don't have my book nearby):D

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I'm not sure if this qualifies as a true trifle, but it's delicious and easy.


1 angel food cake, torn into pieces

Beat together 8 oz. softened cream cheese and 1 can condensed milk

9 oz. Cool Whip or freshly whipped and sweetened cream

2 containers fresh strawberries or blueberries

orange liqueur (optional)


Layer half of cake, fruit (can pour a little orange liqueur over the fruit), cream cheese mixture, and whipped cream. Repeat with remaining half of ingredients. Refrigerate.

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My dh is British and the trifle he always had was;


strawberries in syrup or frozen strawberries (thawed)

jelly roll soaked in 1 packet of strawberry jello then sprinkled with sweet sherry

topped with custard and then whipped cream


Although the above is my favourite, we occasionally do a chocolate one with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and cool whip.

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The favorite trifle here isa chocolate one.

Brownies drizzled with Kahlua

Chocolate pudding

Cool whip

Toffee bits


Oh, and the best part is that when you finish making it at night after everyone has gone to bed, there is always a bit of Kahlua brownie leftover that should not be wasted and must be eaten right then alongside a glass of wine.:D

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Warning: very, very rich! :D


The layers:


Giardelli brownies

Devil's food chocolate pudding

Raspberries (Thaw out a bag or frozen ones and mix in a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar to sweeten. You should be able to pour this mixture on))


Top with more rasberry mixture and fresh raspberries. Serve with plenty of water!

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