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Today is my 15th wedding anniversary....

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And I've looked all around, and there is no Giant Metal Chicken to be found!


I'm oddly dissapointed! Personally I would have LOVED a GMC. I would have loved sticking it in the front bushes, peeking out. I would have loved the look on the movers face when we said to pack that!


I admit, I'm not a crystal type of girl. And I just got watch for christmas. (both traditional 15th wedding anniversary gifts). Actually I got a Swatch watch for christmas, so that should tell you something about my 'style'. But I could so see having a GMC! LOL!

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Thanks everyone!


But no, still no chicken. And we don't need any towels either! LOL!



What I think is even more amusing is the fact that the GMC blog post made it around enough that no posted anything like "Why would you want a GMC?" or "What's a GMC have to do with anniversaries?" I think that's hysterically funny that Beyonce is known well enough like that! LOL!

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