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NCAA eligibility questions

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For those of you that have had children go on to play sports in college, can you give me some advice on curriculum? I have an 8th grader that is a competitive swimmer and would like to swim in college. I have read the NCAA rules/ requirements for eligibility, but would like some clarification from Moms who have been there/done that. It looks as if the textbook approach would be the easiest way to get eligibility, but we haven't used traditional textbooks very often in our schooling... other than some BJU science and Saxon Math. Would you mind sharing with me what materials/curriculm you did use for your high schooler that qualified for NCAA eligibility?



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No problem. I have trouble finding threads I know are here let alone stuff I haven't read.


The other thought I had was to try to track down a local swim family that might have already gone through this process. I haven't had luck with my local club yet so I may need to go wider to my LSC to try to find folks.


It seems like there are several of us thinking ahead on this. The thread about online courses is one I remember having good info. If you are using an online course you might want to work with the provider to has them try to get the course pre approved. If it's more of a tutorial then make sure there is something to asses like a text or strong booklist.

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There is some good overview info at hslda http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/hslda/200112120.asp


I only have a rising freshman but it seems the most important thing right know is good records. For example if I need to show that he was legally homeschooling I need to retain four years worth of notices of intent and proof of progress letters because these are state requirements.


I've started a separate binder for transcript info, course descriptions and lists of texts. I try to copy stuff like test scores so I have them in multiple places.

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I think it's also important to read through the general info on Athlete Eligibility at the NCAA Eligibility Center (under resources).


The Homeschool checklist is how homeschoolers demonstrate that they've met the requirements set for all student athletes. The general info will help explain what requirements the homeschool transcript is trying to show were completed.


ETA: Oh, and remember that NCAA requirements apply to some sports and/or some schools. NCAA clearance might not be needed. On the other hand, it would be a huge stressor to have to create the documentation at the end of high school if you haven't kept up all along.

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