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Character building.....


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Lessons in Responsibility for Boys from Pearables. Actually, my husband (dh) is doing this with the boys only!!:party: I don't have to teach that subject!!!


Yes!! My husband is doing the character building lessons with the boys. They are in level 1. He goes over their chores and tasks based upon the lessons. They are simple, but it is the simple things in life that we all need to do. Hey! If for anything, it is teaching us(the adults) how to disciple ourselves.:smilielol5:


Blessings to you in your homeschooling journey!:)



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For that age, the Kenneth Taylor books were wonderful! Big Thoughts for Little People and other titles, we enjoyed them greatly, esp. Right Choices. We also did Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schooland. I just got Keepers at Home for my dd7 but I think the character books they have are wonderful, we ordered 4 for this coming year and I'm very pleased with them.



:) Hope this helps!

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I know this has gotten rave reviews, but I decided not to read this to my little guys. Hopefully, you have a library where you can check this out first (or borrow it from a friend) before you spend the money.


I'm not saying that this isn't a good story that we might read some day. I just don't think that it is good for all K/1st graders.

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