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Question about Rocky (The first movie from the 1970's)

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Is there anything inappropriate in Rocky? I'm thinking of showing it to the kids, but can't remember many of the details of it.




Not that I remember. I watched all the Rocky movies as a kid... thanks to having a big brother! LOL And he frequently rewound it and made it go in slow motion so we could see the blood flying through the air in slow-mo. :rolleyes:

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There is a steamy scene in Rocky's apartment...tame by some standards, but I'd be uncomfortable watching it with my littler kids. Rocky and Adrianne make out a bit and slide down to the floor. And there is a scene in the meat locker with Adrianne's brother where he makes a comment about Rocky and his sister and it's something along the lines of "are you doing? (not sure if this is the term he used...it wasn't a cuss word but a bit crude) my sister?"

Now, I adore all the Rocky movies, I adore the character Rocky...that said I have a terrible memory...I know the things I mentioned took place in the movie, but I'm not 100% sure it was the first movie. 90% though. I'd let my 14 yo son watch it without concern, but I'd probably fast forward for my 12 yo dd. Sorry to ramble. Enjoy the movie...I want to see it again now!

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