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What topics to cover for K/1st before SOTW?


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My DS is 5, has been doing relaxed kindergarten stuff this past year. He's a beginning reader, and we're focusing on reading through the summer. I'll be doing a mixture of kindergarten and 1st grade level stuff with him starting in the fall. I had planned to start SOTW1 and taking it slower, maybe 1.5 yrs to finish. But now re-thinking that plan. I don't want to do lots of US history stuff with him, but think there are some basics he should recognize, 1st presidents, patriotic stuff, as well as some world geography and US geography.


So I'm wondering what topics would be good to cover, what kind of resources should I use. I'm thinking some memory work (although I have no idea how to do this approach).


Just need a place to get started so I can get a general plan down for the year.



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we'll be starting K in the fall here and I plan on doing some basic geography & continent studies with my dd who will be 5. We'll use Helping your child with maps & globes among many other resources. I was thinking that would help build a foundation of the history, science, and reading that we'll be starting with the classical rotation.


Good luck & happy schooling



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I would use picture books and puzzles, activities and songs to teach the information you want.

Keep it playful and fun, and before you know it, he'll have it down.


Here's an online continent puzzle free


Here's a set of continent puzzles for purchase where the puzzle pieces are shaped like individual countries


Here's a good geography site (one of many)

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