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Please help: Is Bright Ideas Press All Amer. Hist good/bad/wonderful? Nd advice


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If you have used this All American History curriculum (or know about it?), please may I have some feedback:

How you liked it?

How it works?

Did your kids like it?

How indepth is it?

How easy is it to use?

What did you *not* like about it?



I am teaching U.S. History to 5 students next year, ages K-11th. I just found Bright Ideas Press All American History, volumes 1 & 2 (I think vol 1-2 covers all U.S. History?). (I think this company makes Mystery of History.) I can adapt this to all grade levels fairly easily.


Would you say it is at all similar to being used like SOTW and the Activity Guide that we have used for the last 4 yrs for World History?


This curric "looks" like the answer to my prayers. I am not at all worried about making it more challenging for my high schoolers. However, I am worried that "all that glitters is not gold".


Please if you have used it, seen it, have an opinion of it, please respond to my plea. (I really need to make a decision.)


Lisaj - posts as 74Heaven

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most of my searches on these boards don't bring up much of anything specific - and I am on dial up?


I can search my posting name and not find posts I *know* I have on here somewhere. Don't know what I am doing wrong?


Thanks for replying.


Lisaj - on slow dial up

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I am not too worried about some of the comments about the text being boring because I think we can just focus more on the reading list and read alouds. It looks like it works pretty well for many ages as well. And I have some ideas for expanding my high schooler's work and in reality, my Ker and my 3rd grader can just read historical fiction and narrate (in addition to the activity books) and they will both learn plenty of history. (If only I can get my 3rd gr boy to like writing just a little this year - we can do some writing too!)


Thanks - I think I may use All American History to solve my all-ages history curric problems!




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