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Has anyone purchased stainless steel flatware from Costco?

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My previous neighbor raved about the stainless steel flatware at Costco. I checked it out yesterday and they had Argent Orfevres brand, stainless steel, 18% chromium, 10% nickel flatware. It was $60 for eight, 5-piece settings plus 8 serving pieces.


I want to use it for everyday and want it to last a long, long time. Does anyone know if this is a good brand? Any other things to look at when buying flatware?



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I don't have that brand but I do have Oneida that we bought at Costco 8 years ago. I love it. I bought a few pieces later, at another store ,to replace ones that the garbage disposal ate, and while the patten matched identically, the weight was different. The Costco ones are heavier. So, if you have this problem too, and can afford it, you may want to consider a 2nd set for extras.


I have looked at the flatware there a few times, considering switching to get a different design and every set I have seen, looked very nice and a very good quality.

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I bought 18/10 from Oneida. I don't necessarily need 2 types of forks and 2 types of spoons, but like 48 spoons would be a good thing. So I checked out the clearance section and bought like 18 knives, 36 forks and 48 spoons. We never run out now.

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