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FlyLady update...Who's with me?!

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Hello, my Flyfriends! How did you do today? I'm doing pretty well. I had a breakthrough with my bathroom counter. There was laughter and tears...


I've also added an inspirational page to my control journal. I did the 8 ball thing with my bible to find something to add to it and guess what I found! Proverbs 31:6...It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it made me laugh and remember that my God has a sense of humor. I skimmed down further and read this:


She sets about her work vigorously;

her arms are strong for her tasks.


I feel like God has given me a new perspective on my abilities to keep a home and I have hope. I hope you are growing through this process, as well.

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Thank you once again!


My routines are rough around the edges, but there! It's my goal to *complete* the home blessing hour this week.


Mount Washmore is completely vanquished! Not a single full load of laundry to be found and I did a partial load of whites today to bleach them.

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Things are progressing. My homeschool room is clean and has been kept clean all week. My desk area was a continual hotspot and now it has been clean for days as well. Yesterday I tackled my final hotspot in my "top 3" and now it looks nice as well. I'm reading the emails, working on my routines and my sink is shiny!

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