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Other than the paper where do you get your coupons

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I order just the one that I want/need from www.centsoff.com It costs me $8.50 for every 50 coupons. The dollar value on my last order was over $70. Most of their coupons are $1.00 or higher. I just used 4 last Friday and have already saved $8.80 which is slightly more that what it cost to have them clipped & mailed to me. I have 45 coupons remaining with a value just over $60.



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I am not as active in it anymore, but belong to a coupon sharing group. You can probably find one if you look in yahoo groups. This is not a group for trading. You submit a list of the coupons you would like from the Sunday paper. If someone else has extra or doesn't need those coupons for themselves, they may send them to you. You do the same for the others in the group.


I also make sure that my friends know that I use coupons. One precious lady at the church we attended before had been an avid couponer when she had a husband and child at home. Since she didn't need so many coupons anymore, she began bringing all of her coupons to me at church. When we moved away, she sent them to me through the mail. If there are any coupons I don't need, I try my best to share them with others.


If you sign up with VocalPoint, they will send you coupons and free samples. There are also short surveys to fill out every once in a while. It hardly takes any time. They almost always send a really good coupon for you and some that are almost as good to share with friends.


I also often get offers for printable coupons through mypoints. Our small local grocery stores won't take these, but other grocery stores will.


I always hear the advice to only clip the coupons that you will use. I find that clipping all the coupons and sharing what I don't need is a much better practice. I don't feel compelled to hang on to coupons for things I don't really need when I know someone else may get the benefit from them.

I hope this helps. Happy couponing!:001_smile:

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