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How on earth do I do this with an adorable toddler underfoot?

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Hello everyone! I am new to homeschooling and about to start with our 4.5 year old son. We also have a 23 month old son who is is very active and into everything. Do you have recommendations for ways to keep him busy so I can focus on my short, 20 min lessons with our 4.5 year old? (We are just doing informal things right now as we determine the best curriculum for us-- but I am trying to gauge doing short lessons while trying to keep the younger one occupied and happy. I am thinking I will do kindergarten this coming year 2012/2013). Outdoor play is great for him, but he cannot yet play independently in our unfenced backyard. I was thinking of doing some lessons outside and wondering if the older son will be able to focus outdoors. I am also wondering what will happen when the weather is not so nice. I was thinking of even doing some sensory play sort of things in our laundry sink--- one day water, one day shaving cream, one day ice, etc., as well as play doh, etc. Our younger son just seems to crave that sort of thing--- is more into sensory play and movement than sitting down activities like puzzles, etc. I have to be honest and say that I am feeling the MOST overwhelmed with this aspect-- having a little one underfoot as we venture through this journey. We are also praying that we also are blessed with more children someday, so I hope this is something we have to continue to find a solution to. :001_smile: ANY help and guidance would be so appreciated.:001_smile:

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First of all, Welcome to the Board!! :D


Secondly, welcome to (for many of us) our world! :tongue_smilie:


What I've done with a younger sibling is encourage her (mine are all girls) to keep her morning nap as a rest/play time in her crib/bed. That gives me focused one-on-one time with the preschooler/kindergartner. If your toddler is already beyond morning naps, life gets more interesting. We also work with special "h-schooling" toys that dd2 is not permitted to play with except when the other girls are doing school, "water-play" at the kitchen sink, allowing her to listen to music or an audio book in one room while we school in another, and having dd8 read her a book (which means dd8 isn't getting her work done) when life gets desperate. We can't do the video thing because of the "unfairness" of the schooling dd not being able to watch, too.


The Rest Time/Nap thing works best for us, though.



Mama Anna

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This was my first year homeschooling my 1st grader. I also have a pre-ker, a toddler and I'm pregnant. The best advice I could give you, is keep it short and simple and take advantage of naptime when you can :) At such an early age, so much can be learned from exploring the outdoors together and just cuddling on the couch reading books. I wouldn't worry much about academics yet.

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I so wish my kids napped! I have two little ones. When my olders are doing math, the littles are playing with math manipulatives. I give them a snack or special only during school toddler activities. I frequently have a toddler or two on my lap while I read or go over lessons. Yes, they are a disruption! They learn a lot though!

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