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What to do for Grade 7 Chemistry?


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Hello. I have looked at the threads about chemistry sets, and I am at a loss as to what to order/do for grade 7 chemistry. We live in Canada.


As is indicated everywhere online, the Smithsonian XM 5000 Chem Set is not available anymore. The equivalent that many are recommending, Thames & Kosmos C3000 chemistry kit, is very, very expensive.


Furthermore, some American companies will not ship chemistry sets to Canada due to some of the chemicals are not allowed to enter Canada.


I don't know which chemistry set to buy. I am hoping it would be a reasonably priced.


Can someone give me other suggestions as to what I should do?

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Hi there,

Just saw your post. I have had two chemistry kits shipped from the U.S. to B.C. - a Sonlight supplies kit to go with TOPS Science, and Rainbow Science.


Thames & Kosmos is expensive and I had heard the rumour that some of their kits won't ship, too. I have had some small science items shipped to Canada via ADS from Home Science Tools. You could check out their selection, maybe?



Good luck!

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