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Which dishwasher should I get?

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My dishwasher is starting to die, so I went to look at some today. I want a Kenmore. I can't decide about the color and the model.


They sell two models that have an adjustable upper rack (And I want that! My mom has one and you can fit a lot more.) The more expensive model also has something called "TurboZone". Which claims you can put baked on dishes in and they come clean.


I'm leaning towards the cheaper of the two, but the Turbo things sounds nice. It's $100 more for the Turbo option.


The other problem I'm having is with color. The one we have is black. Our stove top is stainless steel, and our ovens and microwave are black. Our fridge is white. The stainless steel cost $100 more. I'm not that fond of black, it's what was here when we came. I've always liked white. Stainless steel is nice, but I don't like paying that much extra for the finish. But I know that if we ever needed to sell our home, stainless steel is more highly regarded. I could get the black; it will match.


So what would you do? Cheaper model with black or white, more expensive model with black or white, or more money for stainless? And black or white, if not stainless?

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it sounds like you're looking at my dishwasher. I have a Kenmore with adjustable rack and Turbozone. I've honestly not used the Turbozone that much but, for $100, it's been nice to have when I've needed it. When we did our kitchen remodel we went with stainless and I love it! I love it for the very reason some hate it. I love that it smudges easily. Why? Because then I. know. when. to. clean. it. :-P Truly. Our old home had almond appliances. I never realized how cruddy they were until we began to clean to move. They were nasty. I never knew. They hid the dirt so well. Now, I love knowing when my appliances are dirty so that I am motivated to clean them. :-)





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I'll tell you what not to get. I bought a lower end Maytag, the one all the wholesale houses seem to carry, I can't remember the model number. It was $500.00. There isn't a strong enough swishing power to wash the dishes, so the dishes pretty much have to be clean before I put them in. My cheap, old, basic, rental house machine cleaned all the residue off of anything.

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We just went out this last weekend and bought all new appliances. We didn't buy Kenmore, but if I were you, for $100 I would get the extra feature you are looking at. The price will be forgotten soon enough but you will likely regret not having that feature a couple months down the road.


We bought all stainless appliances because we know we will likely only be in this house for less than 3 years. If there's a possibility of you moving, I'd get stainless. Also, unless you plan on changing your other appliances, stainless sounds like it would be a good all around colour match. If you go black, your fridge will stick out like a sore thumb and if you go white your ovens/microwave will look out of place.


Just my $0.02.

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