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i'm having major surgery next week and my 2.5 yo is extremely needy

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what advice do you have in dealing with him? he's extra clingy/doesn't want anyone but me/cries at the littlest things. he doesn't seem to be sick. he's been this way for about a week. i'm having a total hysterectomy with removal of definately my right ovary (orange size cyst on it) and possibly my left with anterior and posterior repairs and a bladder sling surgery too. i won't be able to lift him for 2 months at least (he weighs about 35 lbs).


and did i mention my big kids are all enrolled for the first time this year and will be gone from aug. 18th on? i can't imagine how i'm going to deal with him all day by myself without being able to pick him up. especially if he continues to be this fussy.


any and all help appreciated!


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