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Consumer Math: BJU or Abeka? And why? Or something else??

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I plan to have my rising 10th grader do a Consumer Math program this coming school year. Any reviews on BJU's or Abeka's Consumer Math of likes/dislikes and why? Or recommend something else as better? Thanks so much in advance! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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We chose ABeka in part because of Cathy Duffy's review:


"This Consumer Math course is so practical that every student should take it whether or not they are college bound."


I like what it covers. My daughter looked through it and is excited use it.


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I used Cathy Duffy's reviews too.


My 2 12th graders will be doing other math programs together with consumer math. I really want them to have some exposure to real life math. I picked Abeka purely because the textbook is shorter. The BJU text has over 600 pages and looks to be very comprehensive, but I do not want to overwhelm my dc since they'll be also doing other math.


I know that BJU is a mastery approach program. I'm not sure if Abeka is a review "spiral" approach. I'm hoping it is not. I'll know when we get the books.


I'm hoping I made the right choice as I've bought the books used.




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