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Anyone in New York from the 16th-30th of June? Oh Romeo...

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Total shameless brag (with some cool info for any New Yorkers or New York Visitors)


My baby sister's company is in collaboration with the New York Restoration Project (You know, Bette Midler's foundation for parks)


They are preforming Romeo and Juliet in parks around the city (for free)


Anyway, go check it out if you can. You won't be disappointed.

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Thanks! I think we'll go. :) Got it!


Let me know which one you are going to. My ds is spending a week with her this summer and going to at least one. They did this last year too. They rehearse the play and then just preform at lots of different parks. She is getting pretty well known with Shakespeare in NY. I think what gets most people is that this little girl in her 20's knows more Shakespeare than most people in their 50's.:D


Wow!! What fun! I'd love to go.... long drive, though. I've been itching to travel to NY :) (I nannied over there while I was in my early 20's) :)

That is how my mom ended up in NY. She nannied her first year in America.

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They have now done their first performance and I have been told it was really good. They have a female actress playing Benvolio. I wish I could see it. I guess I will have to make do with Ashland...


ETA: Here is the info on the June 27th production, you will see that it is family friendly. My 9 year old will be there (just not his mom)


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