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The results are in! "Christian Mother's Booklist"

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Last week I asked what Christian books on mothering you have read and benefitted from. Here's what you said you liked, ranked in order with author's name and number of "votes" --


Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit (Teri Maxwell) -- 4

The Mission of Motherhood (Sally Clarkson) -- 4

The Ministry of Motherhood (Sally Clarkson) -- 3

Seasons of a Mother's Heart (Sally Clarkson) -- 2

"Books by Clay and Sally Clarkson" -- 2

"Books by Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller" -- 2

The Mother at Home (John S. C. Abbott) -- 2

The Mommy Manual (Barbara Curtis) -- 2

How to Really Love Your Child (D. Ross Campbell) -- 2

How Would Jesus Raise a Child? (Teresa Whitehurst) -- 1

Right from the Start, original version (Shirley K. Morgenthaler) -- 1

A Mom After God's Own Heart (Elizabeth George) -- 1

Duties of Parents (J. C. Ryle) --1

Biblical Parenting (Crystal Lutton) -- 1

A Mother's Heart (Jean Fleming) -- 1

Praise Her in the Gates (Nancy Wilson) -- 1

Sacred Parenting (Gary Thomas) -- 1

Age of Opportunity: The Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens (P. D. Tripp) -- 1

Raising Your Children for Christ (Andrew Murray) -- 1

A Mother's Rule of Life (Holly Pierlot) -- 1

When You Rise Up (R. C. Sproul, Jr.) -- 1

Hints on Child Training (H. C. Trumball) -- 1

The Heart of Anger (Lou Priolo) -- 1

Homemaking (J. R. Miller) -- 1


I'll probably start with something at the top of the list, and work my way down. Any more suggestions?


Happy Summer Reading, Moms! :seeya:

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I'd bump up "How to Really Love Your Child" by Ross. Indeed, I'd recommend anything by him. HTRLYC is "old" but he's the co-author of the Five Languages of Children which is better known. (A good book, but How To Really Love.... is better, IMO).

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Some folks around here keep mentioning that you are writing a book about parenting -- something about getting off our butts? Is it true? Are you really writing this book? If so, when will it be ready to roll? Let us know!


I am. Get Off Your Butt Parenting is One Chapter.


Others include:


Boundaries, Limits and Triggers

Moms Don't Fart (the benefit of ritual and playfulness in parenting)

You Have Issues!

Connection before Correction

Let's Not Talk About Spanking


And, at the end, an alphabetical listing of common issues and both responsive and proactive ways to handle them.

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