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Help with 5th grade plans for next year!!

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I have never taught 5th grade, so I would love to hear from you ladies who have taught, or are getting ready to teach 5th grade. Anyone want to share their 5th grade schedule with me, so I can drool over their choices, and research some more?? :D Any nuggets of wisdom would be welcomed as well!!



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I will. I have most of my materials in now. We are doing:


Rod and Staff math and spelling grade 6

Rod and Staff English grade 5


Classical House of Learning Literature Logic stage ancients for literature

Well Trained Mind way of history: ancients: timelining, outlining, and writing about, mapwork from Story of the World 1, finish Complete Book of Maps and Geography


First Form Latin


Spanish for Children primer A


Memoria Press Christian Studies I


Logic: haven't purchased anything yet, but like the looks of some Critical Thinking Co. stuff.


Science: I still have a lot of planning to do here to narrow it down, but I bought Memoria Press's 5th Grade Science set and Exploring the World of Biology from their 6th grade set. Plus we usually do a science fair which takes about a month. I haven't decided yet if we will do that this year or not.


art/music: bits of this and that.


We will work through chp. 5 of Drawing with Children between other other projects for art that come up (scouts, projects for state fair competitions, history projects of which there are a lot in SOTW 1) She is learning piano from Alfred's and will continue that. We read from the Rod and Staff music workbook and do it sometimes. I will also have her read through What Your 5th Grader Needs to Know art and music sections too.


Don't know how we will schedule all of this in yet. We are adding several things in for next year, so it might take some juggling until we get the right momentum going.

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This is my first 5th grader too.


History Odyessey Ancients level 2 with SOTW 1 so my younger can tag along

CHOLL Ancients for Lit

Elemental Biology Logic stage

Spelling Power

Rod and Staff 5

Killgallon sentence composing (and writing in HO and R&S)

Math Mammoth 5

Elementary Greek

Art- some kind of painting or drawing program yet to be found :)

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I changed spelling and vocabulary this year. We are using a visual spelling method, and I fell in love with Vocabulary Bridges and Vocabulit ...




I love Simply Spelling and using the vintage dicataion books for spelling copywork. :) In a few short weeks, I have seen a noticable improvement.


We are slow going on science and history this year - word of caution. We will only finished the first semester of each by the end of the year. We will finish the remainder over the summer and a bit of fall.


Yet, we finished two mathbooks and a book and a half of R&S!

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Great idea for ideas! I'm still deciding on some stuff because I have a 1rst grader as well.


Math: LoF, Singapore Stnds 4B,5A,5B - maybe some of Righstart G (we've used it since 1rst grade and DS likes it.


Grammar: MCT (finish Island level, move to Town), GWG,


Writing: WWW - we may dump this for something else, I just started reading Writer's Jungle, so maybe Brave Writer.


Literature Analysis (Center for Lit - Socratic method)


Spelling: AAS 5 & 6


Science: BFSU II, with RSO to supplement, I also bought the Joy Hakim Science series on sale last year, and we may do start that.


History : SOTW 1 w/ History Odyssey


Geography - Confessions of Homeschooler - world geography


Art - CoH - Composer Study & Artist Study

w/Meet the Masters & Artistic Pursuits.


RE - we are UU so still undecided - so many great choices


Language - Mango - Spanish (free through our Library)


Extras: MCT - Self-evident truth books

Logic - Critical Thinking Co. & Mind Benders

Brain Pop

DE Streaming


Piano, Cub Scouts, Church RE, Soccer, Sassafras Earth Education


Obviously this is too much - but I haven't sat down to widdle things out!:lol:

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This is my first 5th grader, too.


We will be doing:


Saxon 7/6, CWP 5, Hands-On-Equations


VP 5th grade lit, Shurley English 6, Killgallon, WWE, IEW American Based Writing Lessons (yes, I'm doubling up on things there), Classically Cursive, Caesar's English I, Music of the Hemispheres, Phonetic Zoo - some of these programs will be spread out over 1 1/2 years


VP Gospels, yet another pass through Vos


Latin for Children (finish) B, (start) C, GSWS + whatever I design to go along


BF Geography (two books), Mapping the World with Art (the Americas - possibly over two years, state studies - over two years


VP Explorers - 1850 and SOTW 3


Opal Wheeler Composer Studies


Atelier Art 2 & 3


Human Anatomy & Forensics (Apologia book with books from Winterpromise and Sonlight

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Still deciding for sure, but it looks like I'll be using these for my 5th grader:


Bible – Precept upon Precept Study, The Names of God - 52 Bible Studies, Visual Bible Matthew and Acts, animated Bible story DVDs, Read Greek by Friday: The Gospel of John and 1 John


Math – Singapore 5A and 5B with IP and CWP, Hands on Equations, Alcumus


Logic- Chess Kid, Grid Perplexors C, Orbiting with Logic, Philosophy for Kids


Languages -Finish Alif Baa then Mastering Arabic 1, Arabian Sinbad, Finish My First Chinese Reader 1 and then Discovering Chinese 2, Pronounce it Perfectly in French, Easy French Reader, Exercises in French Phonics, Athenaze 1


Langauge Arts – Rod and Staff 6, Finish Jump In then ?, NaNoWriMo, Story Grammar for Middle School, Startwrite software, Word Within the Word 1, Figuratively Speaking with related literature, and I'm still deciding if I'm going to do spelling or typing next year.


History - Self-designed study of ancient Rome through about 600 AD.


Geography – Virtual road trip around the USA and Canada.


Science - Continue CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Science, and self-designed invertebrate study


Computer - Udacity computer science courses


Art – Mark Kistler’s Online Drawing Lessons


Music – Sight Sing a Song Set 1, Music Ace Deluxe, Guitar

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This is what my 5th grader used this year :


Math : TT 6

Grammar/Writing : Climbing To Good English

Spelling/Vocab : Soaring To Spelling

Handwriting : Zaner-Bloser Cursive

Geography/History : BJU Heritage Studies & SL Core 3 History part, no read-alouds/readers.

Science : Nancy Larson Science


What we won't be continuing are Climbing to Good English, BJU heritage Studies/SL history. Instead we are going to use, Essential In Writing, Notgrass America The Beautiful and The Complete Book of Georgraphy (as spine).



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Here are the plans for my fifth grader.

S10 - Fifth Grade

Bible – Explorer’s Bible Study – Discovery: God’s Perfect Plan - daily

Logic – 3 hours weekly – Logic puzzles (Mind Benders, Red Herrings)

Language - spelling -15 minutes - Spelling Power

reading - 30 minutes

grammar - 40 minutes - Rod & Staff 5

memory work - 10 minutes

fun reading - 60 minutes

Writing – 30-60 minutes each day

friendly letters - once every two weeks

dictation - 2 days per week

writing program – 3x weekly - Writing Strands 3 & 4

Math - 45-60 minutes daily - Math on the Level

Lial BCM

History - read - narrate - make notebook pages

3 hours per week - Story of the World: Early Modern Times

Begin Kingfisher and single sentence outlines

Science - 3 hours weekly – Physics – NOEO Physics

Latin - 45 minutes daily – First Form Latin

Art - 1 hour weekly - Great Artists

Music - 1 hour weekly – violin

P.E. – football, Wii, shooting sports

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Here's my plan for my ds:



  • Bible(30 min, M-Th): Remembering God's Awesome Acts , TOG Y1 UG Worldview, and AWANA when in session
  • Math: SM 5A & 5B (30-60 min, M-Th), LOF: Fractions and LOF: Decimals and Percents (60 min, F)
  • Grammar (90 min daily for Grammar, Writing, and Spelling): Bridge to the Latin Road
  • Writing: TOG Writing Level 5, IEW TWSS and Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons, notebooking, and NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program (and maybe Wordsmith Apprentice thrown in here and there)
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling (continued from this year)
  • Vocabulary (Homework): Wordly Wise 3000 Books 4 and 5 and Word Roots A2
  • Penmanship (Homework): HWT: Can-Do Cursive
  • Reading/Lit(30 min daily, plus Homework): TOG Y1 Lit, selected SL readers & read-alouds
  • History (60 min, M, W, F): TOG Y1 UG, SOTW1
  • Science (90 min, T, Th): SL Science F
  • Latin (30 min, M, W, F): Latina Christiana I (continued from this year), Latina Christiana II
  • Spanish (30 min, T, Th): 123teachme.com
  • Logic (30 min, M, W): Building Thinking Skills 2, Creative and Critical Thinking Activities Grade 5, and other logic puzzles/games
  • Art (30 min, T, creative art and history/appreciation alternate weeks, plus hands-on history projects on Fridays): TOG Y1 UG Arts/Activities, Draw and Write Through History: Creation through Jonah, Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome, Mark Kistler's Draw Squad, and various art history books/websites
  • Music (30 min, Th, instruction and history/appreciation alternate weeks, plus practice for Homework): The Nine-Note Recorder Method, The Usborne First Book of the Recorder, Classical Kids, Bernstein Favorites: Children's Classics, Themes to Remember, and various books/websites for composer and orchestra studies
  • Typing (15 min, M, W, F): Typing Instructor Deluxe
  • Tools and Technology (30 min, F, Sa): KidCoder alternates with LEGO Education Simple Machines or various woodworking, leathercrafting, and electronics kits on Fridays, Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops and Home Depot's Kids Workshops on Saturdays as available.
  • P.E.(30 min, F, alternates with Health plus 30+ min of daily exercise, 60 min, T, Karate): Family Time Fitness, Karate classes
  • Health & Safety(30 min, F, alternates with P.E. plus daily healthy living practices): SL Science F, Kids.gov


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Here are our plans for the upcoming school year:


History - Dorothy Mills' Ancient World/Greece/Rome (we'll get as far as we can) + Peace and Peril (for extra church history). We'll read these books and do some WTM outlining/summaries/timelines from them.


Math - Rod & Staff 5


English - Rod & Staff 5


Science - Apologia Astronomy + Tiner's Exploring Planet Earth


Reading - WTM recommendations + Shakespeare and poetry according to the AO schedule


Writing - WWS


Spelling - Abeka 5


Latin - Latina Christiana II


Logic - Mind Benders


Music/Art/Nature Study - according to AO schedule


Bible/Character - Truth & Grace Memory Book/Boyhood & Beyond/Read through Bible

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I have never taught 5th grade, so I would love to hear from you ladies who have taught, or are getting ready to teach 5th grade. Anyone want to share their 5th grade schedule with me, so I can drool over their choices, and research some more?? :D Any nuggets of wisdom would be welcomed as well!!




You are welcome to view my fall schedule in my signature; this will be my second time teaching 5th grade. :)

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This was our 5th grade line up for my VSL/right brained learner:


Grammar: Language Smarts C

Composition: Winning with Writing 1

Literature: BJU 5

Math: Memorize in Minutes, Dianne Craft Right Brain Multiplication Cards, Times Tales. Key to Fractions 1. Teaching Textbooks 4.

History: Chronological study. Colonial America this year, using BJU Heritage Studies 1 & 2 for spines. Liberty's Kids cartoons.

Geography: A to Z Geography book by Knowlton. Maps Charts Graphs A, B, C

Vocabulary: Super Duper Inc. Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards levels 1 and 2.

Science: About half of BJU Science 6.

Spelling: Spectrum 5

Penmanship: Reason for Handwriting E

Health: Abeka 5.

Greek: Biblical Greek 4 Kids

Test Prep: Critical Thinking Software: Editor in Chief and Building Thinking Skills

Art: Mark Kistler online

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Here is our 5th grade plan. A lot of this we have already started, so we'll move on to the next level during the course of the year:


Math - Math Mammoth 5, Life of Fred Fractions & Decimals, finish BA

Latin - Latin Prep

LA - finish MCT Town, start Voyage

Writing - Finish WWS then ?

Lit - Home-grown

History - SOTW 3/4 with American history supplements

Science - BFSU II & insects (special interest of Miss P's)

Geography - once a week, focusing on each continent for a month

Artist/Composer - once a week, focusing on the bio of an artist and his/her work, roughly linked to historical period under study

Typing - practice till she get it down!!!

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Here's my plan, I think more simple than many:


Math: MUS Epsilon (finish) & Zeta

LA: Bravewriter & Teaching the Classics

History: Intellego American Government/Journey Across Time

Science: Hakim Story of Science (Newton,possibly Einstein?)

Art: Artistic Pursuits and Harmony Fine Arts Ancients

Various unit studies on Fridays when we have no holidays or field trips

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5th Grade

Bible-Rod and Staff Bible 5

English-Rod and Staff English 5(half year)Christian Light Language Arts 500

Math-Christian Light 400 & 500

Reading-Bob Jones 5th Grade

History/Geography- Rod & Staff Homelands of North America

Memory Work-Classical Conversations Foundations

Spelling-Spell to Read and Write

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I have never taught 5th grade, so I would love to hear from you ladies who have taught, or are getting ready to teach 5th grade. Anyone want to share their 5th grade schedule with me, so I can drool over their choices, and research some more?? :D Any nuggets of wisdom would be welcomed as well!!




This will be my first time teaching 5th grade, too, so I don't have much to offer. But, here is our prospective plan:


CLE LA level 500 + extra spelling practice

Saxon Math 7/6 with Art Reed's teaching DVD

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy with notebook; nature journal

Tapestry of Grace for History/Geography/Literature

Salsa Spanish

Mind Benders joke book



My goal this year was for my son to work independently, because we can't seem to get along. :tongue_smilie:

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My favorite 5th grade resources:


MCT Grammar Town and/or Hake Grammar 5

Writing with Skill

Singapore Math

K12's Human Odyssey volume 1 for world history

Science Explorer or CPO Science (either earth or life)

Unfortunately, I never found a resource for literature that I really liked for 5th grade. Mosdos is ok. K12's Intermediate English A (literature strand only) is awesome for 6th or if you have an advanced 5th grader, but it is expensive.

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My dd who will be in 5th grade next year will be doing the following:


Bible- Awana, reading following MOH Ancients

Math- TT6, Key To Series, Hands On Equations

English- FLL4

Writing- WWE3 then 4 (she REALLY REALLY struggles with narrations so we had to back up to WWE 2)

Lit- Classics plus books to go with Ancients

History- Ancients: MOH (her main spine but we will also be doing SOTW 1 because her 2 little brothers are doing this with her) plus a BUNCH of supplements I have, outlining, etc

Science- Science Shepherd Biology, Biology 101 and Exploring the World of Biology (plus what other supplements I come across) plus some dissections

Spelling- Continuing with Spelling Power

Vocabulary- Vocabulary Cartoons

Music- she will start band with the PS. Not sure what instrument though



This is VERY different than the first time I taught 5th grade. That was our first year homeschooling and, well, lets just say I am thankful dd still loves me :lol:

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Bible: W/family

Spelling: Flashkids Spelling workbook

Vocabulary: Vocabulary Workshop

Grammar: GWG 5

Math: Math Mammoth 5

Science: Bob Jones 5 online

Lit: Sonlight 3 and/or VP

History: VP Self-paced Explorers to 1815 (w/SOTW and Human Odyssey readings) *very excited about this!*

Writing: IEW SWI-A

Latin: Latin for Children A (in co-op)

Music: Guitar lessons

Handwriting: HWOT Cursive (w/copywork/dictation)

Art: no idea

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I think I have most things settled for DS for next year...


Math - MUS Epsilon (I think? Still trying to decide on this)

Grammar - GWG

Spelling - Spelling Workout or Megawords

Logic - Mind Benders

Writing - IEW

Science - Science Fusion with older DD

History - SOTW with younger DD (extra reading thrown in)

Latin/Vocab - English from the Roots Up

Art App - Meet the Masters

Art - Mark Kistler online drawing and projects from Meet the Masters

Music - Composer studies

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