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Advice for last year at home... (crosspost from logic board)

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It's almost here, and it's okay....I know we'll be okay. My son will be heading off to high school next year ~ fall 2013. It's a wonderful, small, boys' private school that is nearly in my backyard. It's always been the plan but.... tempus fugit... here we are. I'm here this morning just seeking advice...WWYD if it were your last year at home schooling??


His strengths are definitely content/knowledge in history, geography, doing fine in lit, but information is his specialty . He's finishing Saxon Alg 1/2 and doing fine there too. His attitude is also a strength. He WANTS to succeed.

His weaknesses are in language arts...grammar is a little sketchy (he is working on the CLE LA assesment. He's about half way through Level 600 and is struggling), spelling is atrocious, and therefore struggles in writing as well. His handwriting is a bit on the lackadaisical side as well. But the school work is completed on laptops, so this won't be a HUGE issue. Oh, I think I forgot to mention he'll be "8th Grade".


I asked him what he'd like to do for his last year. He wants to brush up on medieval history, modern history and read the Lord of the Rings (his 4th time maybe) (not sure I would have time for LLFLOTR..or maybe it was $$ ??)


I guess I am in a "let's make it the BEST YEAR EVER!!!" or "holy *@%* Batman we've got work to do!!" conundrum.


It is also my last year at home with DD as the plan is for me to return to full-time work. She'll be 4th grade, but my husband is willing to home school her with my guidance . We'll do some of OM 4, CLE LA & Math, First Form Latin, plus whatever else she gets into...she's a very motivated learner!


TIA for your wise and kind advice....off to mope around and make moony faces at my boy.....

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I think I'd go back and do R & S 6 or 7, it's simple and effective. I love Sequential Spelling- it's the only thing that helped my ds 17 (whose strengths sound similar to your ds). Writing With Skill for writing- FANTASTIC program. Starts with narration and outlining and ends with a research paper. You can't go wrong with it!


I've had a couple LOTR addicts and I personally would have him do that on his own time. I'd have him spend his time reading through History of the Medieval World for that time period and then other authors for Modern. MP has a Modern Men program that is good (review here).


It sounds like you have a great plan for your kids. Wishing you a wonderful year!

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Go places, do things. See some Shakespeare, visit museums, take long weekends, go nuts with a sport, build something. The academics aren't in too bad shape, and the dc will continue to work on them in school. What you won't have next year is the opportunity to do all that wonderful hands-on, in-person stuff that lays such good foundations for future book work.

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