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Just returned from our state conference, but am still looking for a Government course for high school. I want to take advantage of the election year and do it this fall, even though my son will only be in 9th grade. He does love political discussions and I would say one of his strengths is critical thinking....however, we have a lot of skill development that needs to happen with writing. I found an old thread that recommended Great Source, but then an Amazon review characterized it as "left leaning." Anyone agree or disagree? We are interested in a more "libertarian leaning" : ) or unbiased perspective. Oak Meadow uses Democracy in Action (which gets good reviews, but there aren't many). Any suggestions or reviews would be appreciated! BTW...I was thinking of just a semester course, but would be open to a full year. Ashley

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We will be doing government through MFW.


However, I really like some of the C-SPAN materials for election time. They have things like sheets for evaluating debates or advertisements. They store a lot of video links on their site. Plus they do some electoral college stuff. If you register as a teacher, you can access more lesson plan type stuff.



P.S. Note that you can print out their electoral college map, but if you order one of their free posters, well, it's a *classroom* sized poster, has been known to take up our entire living room floor on election nite :)



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We're doing a self-designed course, since we have so many books about American Government already. I went to the AP Government site and copied the test objectives, then went through our books and found the corresponding info. I threw in some papers, charts, slideshow, etc. assignments, and we're calling it good. I would think you could probably do something similar with library materials, if you wanted.

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I found some materials I'm really excited about (from Cathy Duffy reviews), so I thought I would share by replying to my own post.


Basic American Government by Clarence Carson

American Democracy and Economics by John De Gree, published by The Classical Historian


The second resource appears to be like the Critical Thinking in US History series.


Thanks for all the great suggestions!



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