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First-day narrations

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We started K and 1st grade today. I thought I would share the kids' first-day narrations.


History, first-grade daughter: History is about people who lived long ago in the times when there was a rainy season and a dry season. Archaeologists find out about people who lived long ago by digging up the remains of what the people left behind. (After reading SOTW intro)


History, K son: A person came and found out about the building. He saw a corner and the next day he came with special tools to dig it up. He found the toy ox cart and then he knew that they used ox carts to carry stuff around.


For science, we read about mammals in the DK First Animal Encyclopedia. Then the kids each picked a mammal to color and I printed off coloring pages. I gave them the sentence "I know this ... is a mammal because ..." and they completed it.


1st-grade daughter: I know this horse is a mammal because it has its babies alive.


K son: I know this ocelot is a mammal because it gives milk.


Anyone else want to share their kids' narrations?



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Well, we are in it three weeks now, and "I don't know" is about as far as it goes. If I ask specific questions, kiddo is thrilled to know the answer, but he is such a science and math guy, he's more likely to say "Sumer is on page 14". Or "Sumer was at half-past 6". His main interest in Ur was Zeman's Gilgamesh books and the ziggurat. He is really looking forward to the pyramids.


Adventures with fighting, big buildings, and math. Oh, and running a hospital ward with stuffed animals that "fell" down the stairs and broke a leg. That is life with my 6.

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