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Should it take my towels. . .

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They dry faster than you would expect because they are single layer. In a dryer that does not help, but on the line it's the main issue for speed.


They will smell fresh. They will be a little stiffer than normal, which I think feels kind of crisp. (Sheets, too!)


Personally I don't use my clothes line very much any more, but if I did, the first things I would resume would be sheets and towels.

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Clean out the vent and inside the lint trap.


If your husband doesn't have time to ake it apart and clean it out then stick your vacuum in from the outside where the vent exits. Also take out your lint filter and stick your vacuum around in there.


You will be amazed at how efficient your dryer will become when you get rid of the lint.


And - yes - it is currently a fire hazard. Get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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It could also be your washer. If it's not spinning well enough, it won't remove as much water as it should/used to. I thought I had the same dryer problem you had and I cleaned the vent, etc. No change. Since the washer was 20 years old, we replaced it instead of fixing it, and the problem was solved. 7 years later, the dryer is still going strong.

I hope it's your dryer since that's an easy and cheap fix.

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