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CLE Math and LA users........

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We use CLE Language Ars and Reading here. We've used it since 3rd grade (i would not recommend it before then unless you START with their phonics - otherwise it can be a ton of phonics in unfamiliar notation) and this year I'll have a 5th and 6th grader.


We have used MFW and an eclectic mix of stuff - but we're getting into a great groove now. We're finishing up a VP history course and will do it again in the fall. For science we're trying a BJU DVD course in the fall. Writing wil be an IEW continuation course and Alteir for art. Math is Horizons until the fall and then the oldest should be moving into Saxon Algebra 1/2. Bible is lots of AWANA memory work, memorizing a book of the bible, and Kay Arthur kid's studies. The kids also take piano, play sports, do scouts, and may be in a choir this year.


As an aside - I love CLE. My word for it is "succinct". It covers a ton without a huge time commitment and it has lots of review. it's awesome!

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We use and love CLE math (2nd grade). I have already ordered 1st and 3rd grade CLE math for this fall.


I have looked at LA and other curriculum, and it wasn't a good fit for my oldest for this year anyway. I am considering CLE social studies for next year. I am going to look closely though at LA and other subjects for my K & 1st grader (this will be first year hs'ing the younger kids).


What we use or will be using for sure for 3rd grade:


VP literature/comp guides

MP literature/comp guides

Phonetic Zoo (switching from HTTS)



MFW & VP self paced history

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