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TOG users...a science question


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Yes, me again. Bear with me, I'll get through this soon :D


What do you use for science? Do you follow the rotation? ie WTM yr 3 is chemistry, yr 4 is physics..to correspond with the history rotation


I'm thinking if I go with TOG I'm probably going to start in yr 3, as we scratched by SOTW 3. We were actually in it for 2 school years but really, we weren't involved. Studies were so slim and sporadic. Worth a do-over. However, we did chemistry our first run through and that went well. I don't see a need to repeat it right now.


We have yet to cover yr 4 science, physics.


Wondering if we go ahead with that, even though we'd be doing TOG yr 4 the following year and 'following rotation' physics fits there.


Or just totally do whatever turns our crank. Whenever.


I'm still in limbo with this...follow WTM...and doing what works for us :p

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We are going to do something similiar, 13 yo will be doing Apologia General Science in a co-op for labs, and I still have to decide what to do with the younger ones. Definately CM stlye nature notebooks and maybe Considering God's Creation or one of the elementary Apologia. WTM style science may work even better.


This past year we used Rod and Staff, just because we were not getting science done.

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