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Age of Empires Online for Teens? Help

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Does it NOT have a chat feature? This would be GREAT!


I'm talking about the online version so if anyone can give me information I'd be grateful.


Christian loves Age of Empires - we have all three of them, but he's getting sick of playing against the computer and would like to play against others and other scenarios apparently.


I just worry about an online venue - is it like a forum? Will other people have "access" to my kid? Pop-up ads? Issues I'm not foreseeing?


Input is GREATLY appreciated.

We do have SafeEyes installed.

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I was seriously addicted to this game... I had to walk away 'cold turkey' a few years ago. I LOVED the game and was an 'Expert' level player online...


Anywhoo... the online version has a chat. If you play on a team the team need to communicate...most of the time it is through 'type chat'-- some serious gamers use an online 'voice chat' interface (separate from the game).


Playing online is a bit different from playing the computer-- people are unpredictable!


The majority of the time the conversation was about playing the game-- no time for small talk. Occasionally there would be a player who would 'ruin' the chat (foul language or bossiness)--- there is a way to ignore them. Most gaming sites have a code of conduct-- if you meet someone who is offensive you can report them.


You would NOT want to play a team AOE game without some sort of chat.



Hopefully your son can find some other kids his age to play against--that he knows in real life... or possibly family members... that would be the best scenario.



BTW most players assumed I was 'male'... when I had to refuse a game (with people I played with regularly) because I was going into labor they figured it out! :lol:


Make sure your son does not give away personal information (name, sex, age, location).


I let my girls play online when they were around 13. My oldest started playing Call of Duty online when she was 16 (same team as her dad)... COD is much more violent than AOE-- and the other players are more 'animated'... (vocal)... DH would have to remind them that BD was his teen daughter and to watch their words... COD uses voice chat.

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