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Uh... any chance someone here plays a dobro?

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My daughter just won a dobro and we know nothing about it. We will need to find a good slide, instructions, etc. I have some leads on a DVD instruction video but I need to know what accessories to order. It didn't come with anything.

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I don't play, but just wanted to offer encouragement. My dh plays banjo, and when he gets together for a "jam", the dobro is the one instrument I would love to learn to play.l What a beautiful sound!

Here is a site he has ordered from many times for different things.


Also, you might see if there are any local bluegrass festivals - dh has met many wonderful and helpful people at those type events.

Good luck!!

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Yes, I have a daughter playing banjo.


Know any banjo jokes?


What's perfect pitch? The sound of a banjo hitting the bottom of a waste basket.


No, wait. That's only relative pitch. Perfect pitch is the sound of a banjo landing on top of an accordion in the bottom of a waste basket. :lol::lol::lol:


The daughter who won the dobro won it at a gospelgrass festival we attended. She is currently a guitar player and had wanted to play one. We don't know any dobro players in our area but I think her banjo teacher does the steel pedal and he may have some familiarity with the dobro. We'll be asking him this week during the banjo lesson.


Meanwhile, I'll check out Janet Davis. Thanks!

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