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For you Amelia Peabody fans...

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I finished The Tomb of the Golden Bird. Sigh. I miss Amelia and Co. already. (Especially Ramses.)


So what am I reading now? The Search for Nefertiti! It's written by a modern English Egyptologist (female). The true story of her career, lots of info about ancient Egyptian history, history of Egyptology, and an exciting discovery she made. I've also been perusing Imagining Egypt, which has full-color renditions of what monuments like the Karnak Temple looked like. Very interesting. Did you know the main room of the temple could hold Notre Dame and a couple of other cathedrals inside it?? I did not know that!


Anyway, thought I'd pass this along to others who miss the Emersons.


The Search for Nefertiti

Imagining Egypt


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And I already am starting to worry about the series ending! I have listened to many from Audible.com, and I so love them! Thanks so much for your recommendation , I will check it out.


Is the series truly ending or do we have to wait for another book to be written?

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I wish I knew! The website (http://www.ameliapeabody.com) doesn't say one way or another. I hope there will be another; seems like there are a few loose ends to tie up!




Well, I have a few to go since I just found these because someone on this board (was it you?) mentioned this author. I was desperate for some reading material and picked up "The Ape that Guards the Balance". I have also finished "Falcon at the Portal". Now I have to go back and read the earlier ones as well as the later ones.

I hope this gives the author enough time to crank out another one! :001_smile:

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