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Whoa... freaky experience for me...

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For the last few years, I have been mildly allergic to latex. We ds had a water balloon and I helped him put water in it and pop it. I never put it to my mouth, which has previously made my mouth itch.


Well, five minutes later, and I am hunting for the emergency inhaler. Wheezing like crazy. Freaky! I'm going to have to be WAY more careful. :glare: I hate careful.

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I am a longtime sufferer of latex allergy and I feel your pain. The craziness is that latex is in so many things that you don't even realize much less things like balloons. For the longest time, I did not take my allergy seriously enough and, in doing so, I made things worse in the long run. Learn from my experience. Stay away from balloons!!! :-} (Glad you're doing better)

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