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AGH!! How did my Monday get so bad so fast!

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Our new pastor and his family are coming to dinner and swimming tonight. It is supposed to storm, AGAIN, by the way.


I woke up all cheeful and ready to tackle laundry day and WalMart. I was looking forward to spending time with this dear family.


Then I opened the deep freeze! A pack of Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle blew up over everything!! And everything smells - really smells - of garlic!!! ICe Cream, bread, rice, popsickles, everything!!! Everything in a paper carton is ruined. Everything in a baggy thing (hamburger buns, etc) is ruined. All the juice containers smell!!


Then I open the towel closet and find spiders.


Just now dd, yells, "the TV is dead!" and it is.


My kitchen is destoyed from process of defrosting a very full refrigerator. "Whats for breakfast??"


I have 3 leaf and lawn bags, heavy and full, sitting in my kitchen and the trash truck just went by.


My middle dog desperately needs a bath.


I have 4 more loads of laundry to do before I can do the towels. And the dog


It is supposed to storm AGAIN today.


And I am supposed to fix a wonderful meal and be the picture of hospitality in just about 7 hours.


And go to Walmart.


Oh yes, the car is out of fuel, I have to have price shock on the way to Walmart.


Did I mention my kitchen is a total disaster!!??


Someone pass the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pick up a really big bag at Wal-Mart.


My day started with finding the 18 mo baby in her crib rubbing her hands together like she was lathering soap with the contents of her diaper on them. Ugh!


Then I had to rewash a load of laundry becasue it smelled. And I just did it yesterday. Ugh! Ugh!


And that was all before 8:30 am.


Hope your day gets better. Mine too.

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