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Hobby Lobby is stocking shelves for Christmas. Gah!

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A friend and I were at Hobby Lobby Sat. and were stunned to see them stocking shelves for Christmas. There were at least 5-6 aisles of trees, garland, decorations, etc. I was so stunned I had to ask if they were really stocking for Christmas already. The girl said there are two seasons at Hobby Lobby-garden and Christmas and believe it or not people were starting to buy the Christmas stuff. :blink:

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This is one of my pet peeves. I prefer to do my holidays in order. This means I don't want to see even a hint of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, I've never had that happen that I can remember, but can't we all at least agree to wait until Halloween is over?


Apparently not.



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HOw is this possible? They just took it down!

Remember when Christmas season started day after Thanksgiving? I swear someday I will boycott all Christmas commercialism. (Maybe I'll just order gifts online and avoid all holiday marketing, but how can I start this SIX MONTHS EARLY?!)


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