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Help for Highschool writers,50% off 'til 31 May

Guest Deirdre

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Guest Deirdre

Has anyone used Brave Writer?

My 13yr old has terrible trouble writing essay's/reports and I was hoping this different approach would help. I have already bought the Writers Jungle and Help for High School home study program (as it is at a good discount at the moment) but if anyone has any other recomendations I'd love to hear them.






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I don't know, but I am glad you posted this link! My dd is a STEM student and loathes writing. I am a good writer, but it comes easily to me, and I don't know how to grade her work. The online classes look good and are not cost-prohibitive. I am going to sign her up for the next session- thanks for posting.


p.s. I would also like to know what anyone has to say about it...thanks!

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Guest texasgreenes

I never write reviews but I felt like I had to write this one.


First, let me say what I enjoyed about both The Writers Jungle and Help for High School Brave curriculum. It encouraged me to be more laidback.  Because I do not like to write, it was nice to hear a writer tell me to have fun.  The idea of having more of the child in the papers (their voice) and less of the format was a nice change and honestly a great load off my shoulders. So for that I’m thankful. 


Now for the reason I wanted to write this review.


There were two major disappointments that I faced after buying both The Jungle and Help for High School curriculum. First, I was hoping for the magic bullet. You know the one where everything becomes clear and writing becomes a great joy. ........ It never came.......... Mainly I walked away with the fact that we needed to read more, dictate more and talk about words more.  Oh and lighten up a little.  All of which I completely agree with but would have never spent that much money for!


Second and the main reason I'm writing this review is the fact that I think she has missed the BIG PICTURE.  One of the first things she teaches your teens is that there is a big difference between "Apologetics" and "Expository Writing".  She writes:


“Apologetics is a tool designed to help Christians defend their religious

faith against spurious challenge. Expository writing in an academic setting

is about investigating evidence for a variety of positions, then siding with a

perspective and commenting on it in a meaningful way. So while your faith

may be the key reason you oppose abortion, your college professor is asking

you to cite reasons for that position that aren’t necessarily tied to your

faith since the reader may or may not share your spiritual convictions. In

other words, if you resort to using the Bible or doctrine as the primary

reasons for the positions you take in your college classes, you will probably

get poor marks, not because you are being persecuted, but because you

were asked to write an essay, not an apologetic for religious beliefs.â€


While I understand what she is saying and agree with her wholeheartedly on the differences between “apologetics†and expository writing, I completely disagree with her suggestion.  In a nut shell she says drop your “Sword†and argue with secular arguments if you want an A.  What?  For the Christian we only learn to write for one reason and that is to Glorify God.  We write to spread His Truths.  I would never teach my kids to use secular arguments just to get an A.  Their paper would have no true power.  I just wanted to write this review to give the heads up to anyone who is likeminded.

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